Liquidity and Cash Management Specialists Since 1974

Reich & Tang provides deposit, liquidity, and cash management solutions for banks, broker-dealers, investment advisors, institutional investors, and public entities. For 44 years, we have served the short-term investment needs of our clients, and have enabled them to better serve their customers with the most competitive and innovative programs available today.

Our excellence and uncompromising commitment to our clients is rooted in our singular focus on our growing FDIC deposit programs . One hundred percent of our resources and reinvestment is dedicated to the growth and improvement of our existing programs and to delivering flexible solutions that set the standard within the rapidly changing markets we serve.

From smart alternatives to money funds for our institutional investors, and FDIC-insured programs for the brokerage and advisory market, to the most comprehensive balance sheet management solutions for banks of all sizes, Reich & Tang is the premier name in deposit, liquidity, and cash management.