Cash Management Services

One Point of Contact For Your Ease and Convenience

Your firm will enjoy a competitive advantage when you add Cash Management Services to your existing product suite. Our Cash Management Services are specifically designed to integrate with our money market fund and Reich & Tang Insured Deposits sweep programs. Through our flexible account solutions, we will work with you to design, build and implement a wide array of cash management services, including: check writing, online bill payment, Visa® check cards, and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Services.

Flexible Solutions

Offering cash management services helps to improve brand loyalty, increase client retention rates, and enhance your bottom line. From managing your customers’ simplest cash management needs to using the latest technology that keeps you close to your customers, our flexible account solutions can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Access Account

  • Unlimited check writing with minimum dollar amount established by your firm
  • ACH services
  • Direct deposit
  • Automatic investments and withdrawals
  • Automatic bill payment - vendor initiated
  • Online bill payment—pay and receive bills online

Spectrum Account

  • Unlimited check writing with no check minimums
  • Payee name
  • Expense code
  • Date check written
  • Date check paid
  • ACH services
  • Direct deposit
  • Automatic investments and withdrawals
  • Automatic bill payment—vendor initiated
  • Online bill payment—pay and receive bills online
  • Visa® Gold or Platinum debit cards
  • Check data capture for inclusion in customer statements

Custom Solutions

You may also customize a solution that is most appropriate for your firm and your customers. We can work with you directly to help build a program that includes any combination of the features listed above. You may also choose to gain access to DirectConnect, our proprietary technology platform where real time access to your customer information is sure to enhance the value of your offering to your customers while improving your operational efficiencies, which can save valuable time and money.

And to ensure that we have an offering that is right for your organization, you can choose the ultimate in customization by creating a proprietary class for any one of the Reich & Tang funds. Simply stated, you can “white label” any of the funds and determine a share class structure that is ideal for you and your customers. Our expert team will handle the creation of the prospectus, shareholder reports, and SEC filings. The process is simple and you can get started by clicking here.


  • Place, edit, and execute purchases and liquidations on your own.
  • Obtain audit reports and confirmations within minutes of execution.
  • See real-time account activity before end-of-day settlement.
  • Print copies of cleared checks without having to request or order them.
  • View account balances in real-time.